Candy & Condoms

CANDY & CONDOMS the sign on my bedroom door read. “Come on in and help yourself. Grab a condom, take a piece of candy, or help yourself to both. There’s no judgment here.” Sitting on my coffee table was a huge bowl filled to the brim with individually-wrapped chocolates, candy, and condoms.

Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. Candy & Condoms

CANDY & CONDOMS the sign on my bedroom door read.

“Come on in and help yourself. Grab a condom, take a piece of candy, or help yourself to both. There’s no judgment here.”

Sitting on my coffee table was a huge bowl filled to the brim with individually-wrapped chocolates, candy, and condoms.

You see, back in my university days I held the position of a Residence Advisor (RA). Think of it like a big sister role as an upper-year student who lives in residence with the first years and is there to help them adjust to university life.

My job was to provide emotional support, connect them to campus resources, and keep them healthy, happy, and safe - to include making sure they didn’t burn down the building, drink themselves into alcohol poisoning, or contract a sexually transmitted disease.

I mediated a couple of roommate fights, had to call 911 (once) to help a really drunk girl get her stomach pumped, but mostly, I just kept my bedroom door open and let students drop in and share their various concerns with me.

Concerns about disordered eating.

Concerns about dating.

Concerns about exam stress.

Concerns about homesickness and missing the family dog.

In exchange for this part-time work, I received full room and board, access to the cafeteria meal plan, a landline (ha, I feel old just writing that!), and internet all covered by the school. It was a sweet trade.

So about that bowl of candy and condoms.

I came up with the idea because I wanted my students to feel super comfortable coming into my room to help themselves to what they needed, when they needed it, without an awkward conversation.

“Ummm, Jen, can I have a university-provided condom please? I wanna go bang my girlfriend.”

Swipe a condom, swipe some candy, or swipe both! Hey, there’s no shame in safe sex.

One thing I’m known for is being *obsessed* with my customer’s journey, and just being a really good listener. It’s all about how you make someone feel when they work with you.

Make things super easy (reduce all friction points), while at the same time, make someone feel comfortable, supported, and deeply cared for, and you’ll create a raving fan for life. If you missed my Ducks vs. Eagles email, it’s a must read on this topic.

Ducks vs. Eagles (a Powerful Story)

I guess that’s one of the reasons why I won Residence Advisor of the Year and got promoted to Head RA the following year. I oversaw the biggest ‘party dorm’. Talk about a fun, but wild year! 

There were way more fire alarms standing outside in the cold at 2:00am, and someone actually microwaved a literal sh*t they took on a plate and cooked it for 10 minutes straight (yuck, people can be disgusting 💩🤢), but still, I look fondly back at the experience that being a ‘big sis’ in residence taught me.


2. The Customer Journey Map

Ok, so I just shared a story about candy, condoms, and someone who microwaved their poo! (again, yuck, sorry) But there’s a bigger point to all of this. 

Be obsessed with your customer’s journey. Make small moments feel special. Add elements of surprise and delight as often as you can. By getting this part right, it created a powerful ripple effect that helped me to rapidly grow my nutrition coaching practice through word-of-mouth referrals, 5-star Google reviews, and raving fans.

Imagine then, what it would be like to receive my very own nutrition coaching customer journey map? Something I’ve poured years of thought, creativity, and effort into creating for my own clients.

Grab my proven set of onboarding systems, client resources, nutrition metaphors, and coaching games that you can swipe and start using immediately, just like the candy and condoms. ;) 

Hehe, see what I did there?

In fact, it’s so important that you get this right, that inside our PRO$PER Nutrition Certification on a 1:1 mentoring call, we walk you through exactly what to say and do in an initial session to not only be a great nutrition coach, but how to blow your client’s mind with multiple surprise and delight elements. We give you the recipe, step-by-step, for our new client onboarding secret sauce so you can recreate it within your own organization.

The customer journey map and everything you need to know is waiting inside. Good things doors are opening soon (March 18) - so make sure you put your name down on our Interest List to receive exclusive bonuses if you’re thinking of joining this round.


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