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Student Feedback:

Clients we've worked with...

Course Instructor

• Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist
 Award-winning Foods & Nutrition University Professor
• Successful entrepreneur of owner of NutritionRx
• 16 year CrossFit affiliate owner with my husband

Registered Dietitian + CrossFitter

Registered Dietitian ● Athlete ● Entrepreneur ● University Professor ● Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Join the top 1% of certified nutrition coaches

who have a waitlist and the know-how and confidence
to charge a premium for their nutrition coaching services.


Imagine creating a way for all your CLIENTS and COACHES to prosper and be happier! Gym members want results, and loyal coaches stick around when offered better hours and higher pay inside an uplifting community.

Creating a strong nutrition program compliments a great gym culture!

A happy coach who can help your members achieve their goals is a valuable one. With PROSPER, save time and allow us to train your staff to become Certified Nutrition Coaches.

Gyms that invest in this continuing education are able to keep their members healthy, physically active, and engaged with their community for longer.

  • Your members win by getting better results
  • Your coaches win by getting paid more
  •  Your business wins by earning more profit and revenue per member
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This certification is also for Registered Dietitians who want to start or grow a private practice, and other healthcare providers who want to offer habits-based nutrition coaching.

It's built for the practitioner who has a growth-mindset, stays current with the research, and loves to learn!

Level up your clinical skills to go deeper into motivational interviewing, nutrition coaching, and the science of behavior change to support the work you do with patients.

Leave with more confidence, a ton of new resources in your toolbox, and a sharpened skill set to help a wide variety of clients navigate behavior change, from the general population to high performance athletes.

Come join the awesome group of:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Holistic Nutritionists
  • Nurses & Nurse Practitioners
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Registered Massage Therapists
  • Social Workers & Mental Health Counsellors
  • and more!

...who are a special group of PROSPER Certified Nutrition Coaches who can dive even deeper into Medical Nutrition Therapy with their patients! 

Show Me What's Inside the Certification

A nutrition certification to level up your:

  • coaching skills

  • nutrition program

  • client results


Hi I'm Jen, founder of PROSPER.  ◡̈

As a highly successful nutrition coach, business owner, and Registered Dietitian, I've helped hundreds of talented, hardworking, and caring people transform their passion for nutrition and healthy living into a fulfilling side-hustle or full-time career!

Starting your own nutrition coaching business, whether you go at it solo, inside of a gym, or as a complement to health and wellness services you may already offer are all amazing opportunities to support your clients even more.

I want to help you build out a habits-based nutrition coaching program to work with a niche you're passionate about, on a schedule that best suits you, and enhances a great coaching or training career.

Are you excited?! I'm excited for you!!

Jen Broxterman, MSc, RD
Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist

Student Feedback:


I've signed-up 25 new nutrition clients before I even graduated from this Nutrition Coaching Certification!

I can't stress how valuable this coaching program is.

Thank you Jen!!


Honestly, anyone who is aiming to work as a nutrition coach should take part in this mentoring course! It is exceptionally practice-oriented, very well presented, and offers a huge amount of ready-to-go nutrition coaching resources that can be used with clients.

I gained a lot of confidence in how to approach working with my own nutrition clients, and how to structure the packages I would like to offer. Definitely 5/5 stars!!



A start-to-finish, turnkey, proven system so you can earn an accredited Nutrition Coaching Certification and turn your passion for nutrition coaching into a legitimate business.



Course Overview




20 Nutrition Lessons 

Lesson 1: Becoming a Great Nutrition Coach
Lesson 2: Deep Health
Lesson 3: Scope of Practice
Lesson 4: Habit-Based Nutrition Coaching
Lesson 5: Motivational Interviewing
Lesson 6: Digestion
Lesson 7: Energy Systems
Lesson 8: Macros & Calorie Counting
Lesson 9: Carbohydrates, Protein, & Fat
Lesson 10: Vitamins & Minerals
Lesson 11: Water
Lesson 12: Stress
Lesson 13: The Initial Appointment
Lesson 14: General Population (Health + Wellness)
Lesson 15: Athletes + Advanced Clients
Lesson 16: Special Populations
Lesson 17: Body Composition Testing
Lesson 18: Workplace Wellness
Lesson 19: Review of Nutrition Coaching Tools
Lesson 20: Imposter Syndrome
Final Exam: Graduate with your accredited Nutrition Coaching Certification


Video sneak peek inside the course:


Leave with the CONFIDENCE to change lives!

Student Feedback:

As a result of taking this nutrition course, our gym is up 28 new nutrition clients this month!

I am honestly so thankful for your course and the calls with you. You provided so many ideas and resources, cleared up a lot of the chaos in my head, and created more confidence in my ability to help people.

Charisse Carabin, JONO Athletics

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