What We Do: in 1 sentence

We help you become a Certified Nutrition Coach, gain confidence, and make more money inside our proven PRO$PER Nutrition Certification!  🚀

Jennifer Broxterman, RD

Jen or Jennifer (I go by both) is the founder of Prosper Nutrition Coaching, a world-class nutrition certification for nutrition and fitness coaches. She brings her expertise as:

 a Registered Dietitian and award-winning Foods & Nutrition university professor

 owner of NutritionRx, a thriving nutrition coaching business with a team of Registered Dietitians

• writer and subject matter expert for Precision Nutrition

• 16 year CrossFit affiliate co-owner

Jen has worked with clients from NHL hockey players and Olympic athletes, to everyday folks looking to eat and feel better. She's here to help you succeed as a nutrition coach with your own clients.

Our Story:

The story of how Prosper Nutrition Coaching came to be is a wild one!

Our paths are crossing today because of a life-changing phone call Jen received that eventually led to the creation of all of this.

Watch the video for the full backstory*, especially if you believe in miracles. ✨

*Filmed on stage at the famous Byrd Theatre in Richmond, Virginia.

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Get To Know Us Better:

When you work with a coach, you want to know not only *what* you're buying, but *who* you're buying it from. So, I want to give you the opportunity to get to know me better at your own pace.

At heart, I'm a Kind Nerd. A geeky and athletic girl who loves to learn, reads a ton of books, and who has been described as a real life Care Bear – one of my all-time favorite compliments!

LOL, so here are some ways to secretly stalk me:

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