Need more clients? Try this easy social media reintroduction strategy!

This easy social media post landed Chris a new nutrition client and a speaking gig in less than 2 minutes of work. Read on for how he pulled this off…

Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. Social Media Reintroduction Post

This easy social media reintroduction post landed Chris a new nutrition client and a speaking gig in less than 2 minutes of work. Read on for how he pulled this off…

I asked a few of our PRO$PER Nutrition grads to test run a social media experiment, and so far it’s worked extremely well. It’s called a reintroduction post, and I got the idea after finding a general contractor this way.

How it Works:

On your social media platforms, share this reintroduction script from our Steal My Strategy Webinar (timestamp: 1:00:23 minutes).

Copy & paste the script here:


1. Customize: Edit the base script to add in your personal details.

2. Approachable & Credible Picture: Use a clear, smiling headshot to convey approachability and authority. Our current certified PRO$PER Nutrition Coaches can also use their gold and blue graduation badges as an extra boost of credibility to show your audience that you’re a Certified Nutrition Coach. A combination like this works really well.

3. Call to Action:
End with a way that people can reach out to learn more and work with you.

4. Don’t Overthink It:
Edit the script to suit your personal voice, post it, and go!


Real Life Inspiration:

Chris Shewmaker posted the script on his Facebook profile, and within 24 hours he was up to:




🚀 and he landed a public speaking presentation and a new 1-on-1 nutrition client

Check out Chris’ example.

Amy Gorman from the UK, one of our newest certified PRO$PER Nutrition Coaches also tried the same experiment as an Instagram carousel post. Last I checked, it was already one of her top-performing pieces of content!

Check out Amy’s example.

Pro Tip:

Pin this post to the top of your Instagram profile! It’s an easy and inviting way for people to get to know you better, and also reminds others how they can work with you as their coach.

Go give it a try now. Steal the script.



2. What I’m Currently Reading: Scarcity Brain

Top of my book pile:

Scarcity Brain: Fix Your Craving Mindset & Rewire Your Habits to Thrive with Enough
by Michael Easter

I really enjoyed Michael Easter’s book The Comfort Crisis (biggest takeaway: it takes a minimum of 3 days in nature fully unplugged to start to gain the full benefits from a technology detox), and I’m also really liking his new book.

A snippet to share with you:

The problem isn’t you. The problem is your scarcity mindset, left over from our ancient ancestors. They had to constantly seek and consume to survive because vital survival tools like food, material goods, information, and power were scarce and hard to find. But with our modern ability to easily fulfill our ancient desire for more, our hardwired “scarcity brain” is now backfiring. 

Our world is overloaded with everything we’re built to crave. The fix for scarcity brain isn’t to blindly aim for less. It’s to understand why we crave more in the first place, shake our worst habits, and use what we already have better. Then we can experience life in a new way—a more satisfying way.



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