How I’d Get My First 20 Nutrition Clients

If it all went away and I had to start from scratch, here’s how I’d get my first 20 nutrition clients again if I had no money, no reputation, and nothing to fall back on.

Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. From 0 to 20...

If everything got stripped away from me and I had to start my entire nutrition coaching business all over again, I know exactly what I’d do to get my first 20 nutrition clients if I had no money, no reputation, and nothing to fall back on.

Here’s the short list:

🚀 Super connectors (relationships)

🚀 Super connectors (places)

🚀 The gift certificate play

🚀 The 2 golden rules

🚀 Google reviews

🚀 Social media profile pic and reintroduction post

🚀 Role model game

That list probably doesn’t mean much without all the details, so I’m leaving my Steal My Strategy Webinar up from last week for a few more days so you can watch the replay and swipe the ideas to quickly grow by another 20 nutrition clients. If you’re tight on time, jump ahead to Part 3 (timestamp: 43:50 minutes)... it’s worth it!


2. Decisiveness is a Skill

“One of the BEST skills you can develop in life + business is speed to decision. The ability to assess a situation and swiftly decide which direction you’re going.

This isn’t about having all the details flushed out immediately. Nor is it about being reckless or impulsive. 

It’s about learning how to pick a path quicker without the mental gymnastics.

Prolonged pain and suffering comes from hesitation, indecision, and avoidance. 

Eyes wide open.

See it for what it is.
Make an assessment.
Pick a direction.
Adjust on the way.

The longer you straddle the train tracks the more likely you are to get hurt.” ❤️

– Natasha Starcheski


It's Go Time!

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