Email Your Heroes

Email your heroes. These people are normal and nice human beings. Most will write you back and will be extremely helpful. Here's the story of how I became a house guest when I appeared on The Best Hour of Their Day.


Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


 1. Email Your Heroes

TL / DR: Email your heroes. These people are normal and nice human beings. Most will write you back and will be extremely helpful.


Humans have a tendency to put people they admire on a pedestal. They see their heroes as unreachable and out of their league. Really, they’re just normal people.

About eight years ago, I changed my relationship with fear and talking to strangers. 

I decided to start emailing people I admired who were further along the path of success. The possibility of rejection was real, but who cares if someone didn’t write me back?

I had my Dad’s voice in my head:

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”
– Tony Broxterman

Because he said this repeatedly to us as children, my brain now sees it like this (
thanks Dad): πŸ˜‚

❌  No message, no response, nothing happens.

❌  Send message, no response, nothing happens.

βœ…  Send message, get a helpful response, move one step closer to your goals. Potentially, make a new friend.


So I started reaching out to successful people I admired, asking for help with a concise question related to a current project I was working on.

I always began by sharing specific examples of how they positively impacted me, such as successfully applying something they wrote or said to show I was an action taker and that I appreciated their work. 

To my surprise; most of my heroes emailed me back, all of whom were kind and helpful. Here are some examples of awesome people who responded:

πŸš€ John Berardi - co-founder of Precision Nutrition

πŸš€ Ramit Sethi - author: I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Netflix: How to Get Rich

πŸš€ Jason Khalipa - NCFIT & CrossFit Games Champ

πŸš€ Dan Uyemura - founder of PushPress

πŸš€ Mike Doehla - founder of StrongerU

πŸš€ Jon Goodman - author and fitness marketer: Online Trainer Academy

πŸš€ Molly Galbraith - author and founder of Girls Gone Strong

πŸš€ Laura Belgary - world-renowned copywriter for Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, and TV giants like Bravo, NBC, HBO, TBS, Nickelodeon, VH1, and more

πŸš€ And this one is a little nuts, but I contacted every ovarian cancer researcher from PubMed after I got my own stage 3 cancer diagnosis, and many of them happily jumped on a Zoom call to talk me through the in’s and out’s of cutting-edge cancer research (like, WOW!)

So here’s my point. Don’t be afraid of your heroes. These people are normal and nice.

Reach out and ask them to share their advice on a problem you’re trying to solve. If they respond, thank them, actually take action, and let them know how you applied what they taught you and how it worked out.

Now, go email a hero of yours!



2. From Podcast to House Guest

Jason Fernandez (Fern) is a good guy. He’s a long-time CrossFit affiliate owner, L1 CrossFit Seminar Staff, and co-founder of Affiliate U and the Best Hour of Their Day podcast. 

I reached out and asked if I could go on his podcast last year, and he said yes.

Episode 621. Jen Broxterman | The Journey of a Nutrition Coach: From Trauma to Impactful Transformation

In the second episode, I asked if I could wear a Care Bear outfit to tell an important story about overcoming cancer and the power of my CrossFit community, and he said to rock it!

Episode 623. Jen Broxterman | Overcoming Adversity: A Journey of Resilience and Community Support

I later returned for a third podcast where I demonstrated a bunch of nutrition coaching metaphors and games for CrossFit coaches, and that one in particular generated a ton of positive feedback and DMs.

Episode 686. The Key To Getting People To Change Their Habits | Jen Broxterman

Oh yeah, and I (kinda) invited myself to stay over at his house in the guest bedroom, and he was nice enough to say yes to that too. His two kids are adorable, and he and his wife are super gracious to let a crazy Canadian crash at their place while visiting Virginia Beach. The off-camera conversations we had were pretty great too!

As my dad says, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”



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