People Buy Coaching for 1 of 3 Reasons

As a coach, you can skyrocket your sales if you understand the three driving factors that cause people to buy from you. The pain points that emotionally prime someone's buying decisions are listed down below.


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By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. People Buy Coaching for 1 of 3 Reasons

People toss and turn at night over 3 things. This emotionally primes their buying decisions to spend money to improve their:

  • Their health
  • Their wealth
  • Their relationships


2. Lost Sleep

Think about your ideal customer that you serve. It’s 1:18am and they’re staring up at the ceiling wide awake. There is a painful problem that just keeps overtaking their mind. Feelings of anxiety and stress flood their body, and a peaceful sleep evades them, frustrating them even more.

My doctor just told me I have diabetes and need to take medication. How did I let this happen?

How am I going to pay all my bills by the end of the month? Life is SO expensive!

I’m really unhappy in my current relationship. I think my partner might be cheating on me. They’ve been acting distant and sketchy lately.

If you’re having trouble selling your services, you might be talking too much about the technical details, and not enough about their emotional pain.

Remember, people buy things and services to help themselves feel better. 

Demonstrate your value by showing how you help people just like them overcome these emotional lows to regain their peace of mind, improve their health, and find the financial stability they crave. By addressing these deep-seated emotional needs, you can connect with your ideal customers on a profound level and offer them the solutions they desperately seek.



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