99% Automated Organic Leads

When I tried this one thing for my nutrition coaching business, automated organic leads started pouring in! Hint: it’s not social media. So what's the winner?

Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. Google Reviews: My #1 Organic Strategy

Early in my career, I got into the habit of asking my nutrition clients to leave Google reviews about working with me. With sweaty armpits and a racing heart, I would nervously squeak out:

“Hey, ummm, do you think, ummm, you maybe, kinda wouldn’t mind leaving a Google review about working with me if that’s ok with you?”

Cringe. I wanted to run away every single time.

If you’re a Love on the Spectrum fan [Season 2 spoiler alert], I felt like Connor as he nervously asked to hold a girl’s hand for the first time. However, Connor is my personal hero! No matter how scary, that man goes for it.

Here’s the cutest scene of the entire show:

Thankfully, after years of consistency and a lot less nervous sweating, we are crushing Google reviews as the top ranked local business for nutrition coaching!

Here’s why having the courage to ask for Google reviews pays off, just like asking the person you like to hold hands.

AI technology LOVES Google reviews. 

Google reviews tell the web crawlers that you’re good at your job and your business is worthy of being highlighted. It helps sort the crap 💩 from the fan favorites. 🤩 ❤️


Human beings LOVE Google reviews. 

Knowing others had a great experience boosts confidence to buy and reduces risk. It’s social proof at its finest. Think about two nearby restaurants:

⭐⭐  Restaurant A:
Has 12 Google reviews with a 2.3 star average rating and multiple reports of food poisoning.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Restaurant B:
Has 428 Google reviews with a 4.9 star average rating. 

Where are you going for dinner on date night? 


To this day, asking our clients to leave Google reviews is the #1 driver of organic FREE traffic to our website. New inquiries tell us all the time that they picked us because of how many positive Google reviews they read. This tactic crushes my social media efforts, hands down!

That’s because once posted, the Google reviews do the selling on our behalf. One-time effort, long-time payoff.

Most coaches don’t need to go viral or dominate the entire internet. They just have to stand out in their local market.

Although it used to terrify me, I came to realize that people were more than happy to support my coaching business in this way. They just needed a gentle reminder to share their positive experience with others. And that reminder had to come from me. That’s the hard truth of this message. You gotta shoot your shot! No one will do it for you.

So friends - I know you are all caring and hardworking coaches who have helped a lot of people.

Consider this your gentle nudge:

👉 Go ask someone to leave a Google review about working with you.


👉 Go leave a positive Google review for a local business you love. You'll make someone’s day! ♡

2. Honesty Time: Go Google Yourself

Ok, honesty time. Does Google even know you exist, or are you a local hotspot with raving fans? Try this out:

Open a blank Google search box.

Type in “nutrition coach near me”, or “gym near me” for all you gym owners. Next, try searching “Nutrition coach (your city)” or “Gym (your city)”. Does the list of competitors or your ranking change?

How relevant did Google think you are?

I hope from today’s 2-Tips you’re feeling inspired to ask for a few more Google reviews from happy customers, because that small effort will continue to reward you in a big way!

Remember: learn → apply → get better


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