Know Anyone Good?

A single post-it note and 5 things to make your nutrition coaching business explode after attending the SuperCoach Virtual Summit hosted by Coach Catalyst last week.


Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. SuperCoach Virtual Summit in One Post-It Note

This past Thursday, I had the honor of giving the keynote talk at the
SuperCoach Virtual Summit hosted by Coach Catalyst. 

Some of the biggest and brightest minds in the nutrition and fitness industry presented over the 3 day virtual summit, and I left with pages of notes and tons of inspiration to take action on.  

The Post-It Method:

After each conference I attend, I always sit down to summarize my most important takeaways so they are simple, clear, and can fit on a single post-it note (or in the digital era, the Stickies app). The post-it note cuts down on overwhelm and protects against bright shiny object syndrome.

Then, for the next month, I try to apply what’s on that post-it into my weekly “deep work” blocks, with it pinned in the top left corner of my laptop.

Here’s my post-it summary from the entire conference:

1. Keep posting online. Most people won’t like or engage, but they still see it.

2. Google reviews!!

3. Website/IG - clear “how to work with me” CTA

4. Superconnectors - 1:many = fast growth

5. Authenticity - people buy coaches, not coaching

If you missed the virtual conference but still wanted to get lifetime access to ALL of the incredible speakers and free resources that were given away, you can grab the entire library of video recordings for only $19 (click here) while it’s still available.

For 19 bucks, it’s totally worth it. :)



2. “I’m looking for ____________. Know anyone good?”

One of the take-action strategies I shared in my presentation “How to Get 20 New Nutrition Clients in 30 Days” was a sample script you can use to reintroduce yourself on social media. 

Most people, when they’re shopping around, will ask their friends,

“Hey, I’m looking for a (insert qualified person: plumber, nutrition coach, wedding photographer, dog trainer, etc.). Know anyone good?”

Around 1-2 times per year, try sharing a post where you reintroduce yourself so your friends and followers can see you in action and learn more about what you do. Oftentimes people forget what you do, plus, it’s helpful for new followers to get to know you better.

Want the exact script I shared in my keynote, plus 4 more completely FREE bonus resources from my Quick Start Nutrition Advertising Kit? Follow Easter Egg # 3 (the multi-colored one)! 😉

QR code not working for you? Click here for Easter Egg # 3.

Need some inspo? Here’s the carousel I just posted for my own nutrition coaching business (
@nutrition_rx) with a quick hello and reintroduction.



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