From the Vault (All-or-Nothing Clients)

Use this nutrition coaching tool for all-or-nothing clients who are crippled by their own perfectionism. In fact, you can even use it for yourself in any area of your life where you feel stuck and frustrated with yourself.

Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. From My Coaching Vault: All-or-Nothing Clients

All-or-nothing clients… we all have them. You know, those people who try to do everything perfectly, or they’re not willing to try at all. It can be hard to watch someone self-sabotage their own efforts, but instead of getting frustrated, I get curious, and then I pull out this handy dandy resource from my nutrition coaching vault. 

The coaching exercise is called “How to Finish”, and the list goes as follows:

✔  Set the bar lower.

✔  Simplify your task.

✔  Take twice as long.

✔  Neglect the unimportant.

✔  Kill “until”.

✔  Get rid of secret rules.

✔  Have twice as much fun.

✔  Trade perfect for done.

Next, I turn this list into a great coaching game! 

Ask your clients where they feel most stuck, and then ask them to give an example solution for each category. It could be with exercise, healthy eating, stress management, a work project, something at home, whatever.

In fact, try it for yourself! Scan your brain for an area in your life where you feel any of the following emotions: 




 mad at yourself

 or noticing that you’re procrastinating or making excuses

Judgment free (no inner bullies here), try taking that “thing” you feel stuck with, and put yourself through that list. Come up with one supportive idea for each category, and see if you can put it into practice in your own life.

Ahhhhh. Breath a sigh of relief. Doesn’t taking the pressure off, but still moving forward, feel so good?



2. Quote: Tiny Decisions

“The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision.”
– James Clear, Atomic Habits

Read the full passage here.




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