Holiday Nutrition Advice & Obvious to You, Amazing to Others

Keep posting your thoughts! What might feel obvious to you is amazing to others. You'll see what I mean down below. Also, here are two holiday nutrition articles you can share with your own nutrition clients or post on social media for a festive nutrition post.


Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. Holiday Nutrition Advice

During the holidays I want my clients to enjoy this time with family and friends, and food is a special part of the experience. My vibe is to support their long-term success, while teaching them how to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise without any self-criticism.

Here are two brief articles I wrote on holiday nutrition tips. Share whatever feels relevant with your own clients or on social media for a festive nutrition post.


2. Obvious to You, Amazing to Others

When you experience someone else’s innovative work it can feel brilliant, beautiful, and inspiring.

You think,

“I never would have come up with that myself. 
How did they even think of that? 
It’s genius!”

Then you might reflect to yourself,

 “My ideas are so obvious and boring. 
I have nothing special or new to share."

This is a common feeling that holds many of us back from putting our thoughts and creations out there.

But what if you continue to do your work? Tell your stories and points of view. Nothing spectacular, just your ordinary observations from what you’ve learned in life.

I bet someone will come up to you and say,

“I never would have come up with that myself. 
How did you even think of that? 
It’s genius!”

That’s because everybody’s ideas seem obvious to them. So maybe what’s obvious to you is amazing to someone else. 

It’s actually how Liftoff was born. I kept sharing these silly made-up metaphors with my nutrition clients who told me they were brilliant and super helpful, when I thought it was just a normal way to look at healthy eating. Cool.

Clearly, we’re often bad judges of our own creations, so just put your ideas out there, and let the world decide. 



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