Gamification & Nutrition Coaching

Gamifying behavior change is a powerful tool. Essentially, it’s the concept of adding game-like elements to a task to encourage a desired behavior to help clients follow through on their good intentions.


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By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. Gamification & Nutrition Coaching

Gamifying behavior change is a powerful tool. Backed by scientific research, here are some of the best strategies to add game-like elements into behavior change coaching.


 POINTS: rewards accumulated for certain actions

 BADGES: visual representations of achievements, which can be collected

 LEADERBOARDS: lists of all players, usually ranked by their success

 PROGRESS BARS: information about your current status towards achieving a goal

 PERFORMANCE GRAPHS: information about current performance compared to previous performances

 AVATARS: visual representation of players


Not surprisingly, making behavior change feel more fun, rewarding, appropriately challenging, and supported by a coach (and/or community) beats lecturing, educating, scolding, cheerleading, or shaming your clients to act differently.

Nutrition coaching games and metaphors are our love language at Prosper Nutrition, and are inserted all throughout our certification and coaching style. ❤️ 


2. Gamification Examples In Real Life (IRL)

 Vegetable variety: tune in at 20:00 minutes

 Anxiety & insomnia: check out this insomnia video with 3 games to help fall asleep

 Stress eating: tune in at 18:20 minutes 

 More examples here



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