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Creating high quality Freebies to give away to your audience and that adds value can be one of the most powerful tools to grow as a nutrition coach. But many people do it wrong - creating surface-level, unhelpful fluff, or are afraid to give away their secrets. Here's what I've learned in my quest to make awesome free stuff that people use and love.


Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. Nutrition & Fitness Freebies

I’ve been obsessed with creating really good free stuff to give away. I’ve also been studying other people’s free stuff - the generous, the average, and the awful that’s out there.

Think of a dressing room in a clothing store. People want to try on an outfit and see if it fits before they buy.

Here’s a cool thing that happens when you give away free stuff. Some people who consume your freebies may never buy from you (and that’s OK), but if they had a positive experience and got value, they will still let people know about you!

The opposite is also true. If your freebies are crappy or misleading, that person may tell others NOT to work with you because they think your stuff is bad.

Helpful Example:
Here’s a good example from Jason Ackerman’s Instagram (co-founder of Best Hour of Their Day):

Invite any former gym member back for the month of December for FREE.

Here’s his FREE done-for-you 5 email campaign

It’s so simple and such a brilliant idea. Check out his free email scripts, especially if you own a gym.



2. Make Your Freebies Easy To Find

Maybe you’re like me - I had freebies scattered all over the internet: YouTube, social media, linktree, my website(s), hidden landing pages, and buried in the depths of my laptop.

Whoops! 🙈  

It was like a full-on Easter egg hunt to try and find all of the free stuff I’ve created.

Then it hit me. Make it more obvious and easy for people. So I added the word Freebies to my website navigation menu, and built out a webpage with my best stuff in one place. Boom - more downloads, and more people served!

Check it out for inspiration, and help yourself to anything you may find useful:

•  Liftoff Nutrition Masterclass
•  Podcast Episodes 
•  YouTube Videos
•  6-Step Nutrition Business Success Guide 
•  3 Emoji Email Trick to Reactivate Old Clients (this works!)

•  Healthy Snacks Grocery List
•  2-Tips Tuesday



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