Carb-Phobic, Broccoli Farts, & CrossFit Competitions

Carb-phobic, broccoli farts, and CrossFit competitions - in exciting news we took second place at the Festivus Games, and I helped a friend overcome her carb-phobia of 25+ years with a car analogy nutrition coaching game.

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Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. Carb-Phobia Progress

🥈The crowd roared!! We completed our final synchro sit-up, glanced excitedly at the clock, and realized that our time was good enough to clinch second place at the Festivus Games this past weekend!

Let me backup for a moment 

I used to take CrossFit extremely seriously - training 2x/day and competing at Regionals as a highly dedicated athlete. But then, like many of you Kind Nerds who hang out with me here, you’ll relate to:

getting older (hello adulting and more responsibilities)

realizing you can’t exercise that intensely for the rest of your life (or don’t want to)

and transitioning your healthy lifestyle to something that feels more sustainable and takes up less time

Competing again was amazing, but placing on the podium wasn’t the best part. It was something one of my teammates said at dinner post-competition:

“I used to be carb-phobic, but your nutrition games have set me free.”

Woah. Full circle moment.

This is why I became a Registered Dietitian who tries to bring in more fun, games, and play into every coaching session.

And this is exactly why I started my PRO$PER Nutrition Certification for nutrition and fitness professionals.

My teammate Janis explained she had grown up thinking “all carbs were bad” after being given a strict low-calorie and low-carb meal plan by a personal trainer from her past. She described herself as “carb-phobic” for as long as she could remember.

“My personal trainer always said that carbs are bad for you.”

Even brown rice, fruit, and plain sweet potatoes felt scary to eat. It breaks my heart to even write that sentence.

She had spent decades restricting all carbohydrates, binge eating in secret, swearing off carbs again, only to repeat the cycle feeling trapped and frustrated with herself. She felt sluggish at the gym, and battled chronic injuries. (I bet you can guess why.)

When she asked for my help with her nutrition, I hooked her up with one of our PRO$PER-certified nutrition coaches. Janis said that learning about carbs as a traffic light + sports car driving distance game was the lightbulb moment she needed to unlearn 25+ years of fearing carbs.

“Finally, it just clicked, and I started looking at everything through the lens of the ‘driving my Ferrari’ car game.”

She had never before approached healthy eating using games to change her relationship with food, and for Janis, this was her breakthrough moment.

And for me, that was a bigger win than any competition performance.

❤️  My teammate won and took positive steps forward with carbs. You can even say that Janis + Carbs are friends now.

❤️  And my PRO$PER Nutrition Coach won, who just changed someone’s life for the better.


🧀  Cheeseeey, yes. But aren’t we all in the business to change lives and help people be their healthiest and happiest selves?

And all 🧀 aside, I’m on a mission to help as many fitness and nutrition coaches as I can level up their skills so no one is ever told, “all carbs are bad.”

The best way I can help is through our 3 levels of nutrition courses (from 100% free, to dabbling, to ALL-IN!). So if you’re intrigued by the idea of gamifying your nutrition coaching approach, or you’re bored of saying the same nutrition coaching tips over and over again, go check ‘em out.


2. Broccoli farts 🥦 💨

On the topic of carb-phobia, I should probably tell you the story of the broccoli farts rowing disaster.

Good intentions, wrong application - at the team level of sports nutrition gone wrong.

Pre-CrossFit, I used to be a varsity rower in university.

On the way to one of our rowing competitions in Rochester, New York, someone’s mom on a personal low-carb health kick cut up a huge tray of vegetables that consisted mostly of broccoli florets, and sent it with us on the team bus to snack on.

“It’ll be a healthy snack for you girls! Enjoy and have a good race!”

Well, as you can imagine, a large intake of high fiber broccoli pre-race didn’t sit too well digestively with almost every rower in my boat, and the audible farts and release of smelly gas as we raced down the river is a pre-competition nutrition plan I will never forget (or repeat).



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Jen Broxterman
Registered Dietitian
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P.S. Fun Fact: 
The average human farts 10-20 times per day to expel 500-1,500 mL of gas over the course of 24 hours. Here are 9 surprising facts about flatulence you may not know. 🤭

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