50+ Podcasts & The Top 3 Episodes

I've recorded over 50+ podcast episodes as a guest, sharing my nutrition coaching ‘secrets’ as freely as possible. My top 3 favorite episodes are shared below. Let's dive in!


Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD

1. Celebrating 50+ Podcasts

A little over a year ago, I decided to start sharing my nutrition coaching ‘secrets’ by going on other people’s podcasts as a guest. I finally put them all up on my website, and was surprised to see that I recorded over 50 guest podcast episodes within the last year and a half. 

Check them out here:


I know way too many great and hardworking coaches who struggle to get (and keep) nutrition clients. So as someone just a little further down the road, going on podcasts was a simple way to freely give away all of the:

 nutrition coaching strategies

analogies I use

powerful questions I ask

... that seem to keep my own clients really engaged and excited to work with me.

If you work in health and fitness, you’re one of the good guys and deserve to succeed. I hope some of these podcast episodes can add value to you and your clients.


2. Pinned Podcasts (3 of My Favorites)

I’ve pinned 3 of my favorite podcast episodes for you to dive into.

Business for Unicorns Podcast with Michael Keeler
Episode 257: Secrets to Retaining Long-Term Nutrition Clients with Jennifer Broxterman
25 minutes
Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube

Get Enlifted Podcast with Kimberly Kesting
Ep.67: Only $1-2k per Month to a $45k Launch with Jennifer Broxterman
1 hour 17 minutes
Apple Podcasts  |  Spotify

Original Strength Bodcast with Tim Anderson
Episode 174: Prospering with your Mindset and your Nutrition with Jennifer Broxterman
40 minutes
Apple Podcasts  |  Spotify  |  YouTube

Need a Podcast Guest?

If you’re looking for a new guest to come on your show, I’d love to bring some nutrition coaching magic to your podcast. Send me a message at: 

[email protected] 

… and we can chat about how we can pull off an amazing podcast episode together! 

Or, if you don’t have your own podcast but want to make an introduction to someone you know or listen to regularly, feel free to connect us via email. 



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