15 Ideas for Coaches That Will Make You More Money Than a 4 Year Business Degree

Here are 15 ideas for nutrition and fitness coaches that will make you more money than a business degree. Number 10 goes a lot further than you think!


Happy 2-Tips Tuesday!

Here are two ideas to consider this week.

By Jennifer Broxterman, RD


1. 15 ideas for nutrition + fitness coaches that will make you more money than a 4 year business degree

1. Word of mouth referrals from a happy client is the most powerful form of marketing. 

2. Win over your local community. That’s much easier than trying to win the entire internet.

3. Offering discounts is bad for business in the long run.

4. When marketing your services, use the exact language your customers use.

5. Make your contact information extremely easy to find.

6. After you say the price, stop talking.

7. People hire individual coaches, not coaching. Show your authentic self online and also on 

your “About Page”. They’re hiring you.

8. Use simple language. Trying to sound impressive has the opposite effect.

9. Offering a solid guarantee boosts sales far more than it increases refunds.

10. Thank your team often and show your appreciation. It often goes a lot further than pay raise.

11. Screen people upfront, and say no to those you can’t help.

12. Fire bad customers and employees quickly.

13. Make things as simple and easy as possible. Eliminate all unnecessary steps and meetings.

14. A good reputation and business takes years to build. Keep going.

15. Intentionally get better at two new skills a year: one to hone your craft, and one to run a better business.


2. One more…

In order to help the people you want to serve, you have to talk about what you do.



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