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House on Fire

What do you do with a nutrition client who has "perfect" weekday nutrition and terrible weekend eating habits? Recently, a coach who is going through our Prosper Certification emailed me asking what to do with his nutrition client who has terrible weekend eating habits.

She diets diligently throughout the work week and eats her vegetables and lean protein, and then absolutely goes off the rails each weekend.

Takeout, drinks, indulgent treats... you name it and she devours it on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, only to go back to her restrictive eating pattern Monday through Thursday, yet complains that she isn't seeing results fast enough.

✋ Raise your hand if you've ever coached a nutrition client like this before. ✋🏿

Almost every nutrition coach we know has a client or two just like this on their roster. So HOW do you actually help someone who is stuck in this pattern of eating?

We find telling a story with a powerful metaphor really hits the point home.

Let me know if this helps in your own nutrition coaching practice.

Coach Jennifer Broxterman
Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist



The weekend is coming and poor decisions can be prevented.

Imagine a carpenter. He spends Monday-Friday building a house.

Friday at 5pm rolls around after a long week and he lights the house on fire because it’s fun to watch it burn. It may not be a total structural loss but it’s a huge set back for when he’s back to work on Monday.

Maybe the foundation is there but the frame is charred. Not only does he have to start over every week but he has to clean up the mess he caused on Monday morning.

That’s weekday dieting + weekend loss of control. You cannot expect progress when you burn the house down every weekend. You are literally cancelling out all of the effort you put in.

Each day, you put in a little bit of work to build and upgrade your dream home. With time, your dream home will be fully built out (and the time will pass either way), if you keep showing up consistently.

You get one home to live in for the rest of your life - how are you caring for it day in and day out?


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