The Best YouTube Video I Watched in 2022


I attended a sales training session last week, where someone shared a YouTube video and premised it by saying it was the BEST thing they had watched on YouTube in a really long time.

How good could it be, right?

Well - after watching the video myself, it was SO GOOD that I immediately had the entire 83 minute video converted into a text transcript so I could absorb so many of the powerful lessons, sales scripts, and come back to it many times over.


Here was one of my favourite parts:

"The number one tax that no one appreciates or respects is not the government's tax, capital gains, or income tax. It's the time tax of ignorance.

You're ignorant. You have no idea. You're eating an orange like an apple, with no clue, right?

And it's not because you're not smart, or lack the work ethic. It's because you just don't know [what you don't know].

And so, the goal is to pay down the time tax of ignorance as quickly as possible. And the only way you do that is by investing in yourself. Right? Specifically, investing in experiences that build your skills quickly.

By learning from people who have successfully walked the path that you want to go down yourself.

And so, therefore, you should always be willing to invest money to increase the capacity for your income. Because once you have it, that capacity pays you forever; you're increasing your ability.

Everything that I've achieved in my life is a result of investing in my self-education. It has gotten me far higher returns than any stock, real estate, or crypto.

When you invest in yourself and your skill set, no government can take that from you. No divorce can take that from you. Nothing can take that from you."


So that begs the question:

Are you where you'd like to be with your nutrition coaching program?

Or are you open to investing in yourself and your team, by having two highly successful nutrition mentors (Jennifer Broxterman & Lindsey VanSchoyck) pull back the curtain and show you EXACTLY how we coach our own nutrition clients.

  • Jen just added 27 new nutrition clients to her NutritionRx roster in June.

  • Lindsey just added another 25-30 new nutrition clients last month to her high ticket coaching business.

  • Combined, we sold over $125k in nutrition coaching revenue in the month of June 2022 alone!

How do we do it?

By being excellent, client-centered nutrition coaches.

By being world-class at motivational interviewing.

By having a massive coaching toolbox filled with nutrition resources and activities to help meet our clients where they are at.

By having a great on-boarding process, and delivering an unforgettable first appointment that has a new client leaving as a raving fan who tells all of their friends and family to start working with us!

By investing money in ourselves, our skill set, and our self-education.

By investing in training for our team of coaches who work for us, so we don't have to do everything by ourselves.

By getting results like this:


And powerful testimonies like that:

We want to show you EXACTLY how we do it.

To help you get there faster than we did.

To help you get your nutrition and fitness clients better results.

To help you (and your staff) earn more revenue each month, and make a better living doing what you love.



We only take on a small batch of students (10 people/month) to go through an immersion Nutrition Coaching Certification supported by powerful and proven coaching systems and 1-on-1 mentorship.

Our next opening is on the 15th of this month: for only 10 people, first come, first served.

Send us a message if you're interested in investing in yourself, your coaching skills, and your nutrition program to change your income earning capacity forever.

[email protected]

We can't wait to see you on the inside and blow your minds with what you're going to learn to have an exploding nutrition program!

Jen & Lindsey


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